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5 Star Rating: Recommended

Everyone knows that I'm a total klutz. I'm on my third iPhone 4, the first two having been replaced due to screen breakage.

Among my friends and co-workers, my phone is known as "iPhone 7".

I like to say that I baby this one like it's my own flesh and blood, but that's definitely not the case. I'm pretty hard on my iPhone, even though I know I'd be totally screwed if I were without it for even a single day. I don't only run my whole business on this smartphone, I run my whole life.

I'm glad to say that SharkEye saved my phone and maybe even my life last week when I made impact with a tree while doing some off-trail skiing in nine inches of fresh spring powder in Utah. The crash was at a pretty slow speed, and I didn't hit the tree's trunk. However, I did get myself completely tangled around one of the lower branches. While I wasn't that badly hurt from the impact, I was positioned in a way in which a limb poked me directly in my parka's chest pocket, which held my iPhone 4 cradled safely in its SharkEye case.

Thank goodness for my SharkEye. Had my iPhone been naked in that pocket, not only would I be purchasing my new "iPhone 8", the limb might have punctured my skin or even a lung!

Deb G.

5 Star Rating: Recommended

My wife knocked the iPhone with the SharkEye case into the tub the other night and it survived! The phone still works. Big time saver for us.

Michael W.

5 Star Rating: Recommended

I had given up on finding a case to meet my wants for full protection on my iPhone. Cases were either too bulky or too cumbersome or offered too little protection for my wants and needs. I'd given up on finding a case and went back to a "bare" iPhone.

When my 2-1/2 year old daughter accidentally stepped on my iPhone and broke the rocker switch, the repair company was quick to recommend the SharkEye case. I bought one on the spot... and I'm glad I did.

I've been using the SharkEye case now for 2 months and I honestly can't imagine having an iPhone now without a SharkEye! I have recommended the SharkEye case to friends and family, clients, and even complete strangers who approach me and ask me about my unique iPhone case. As long as I have an iPhone, it will be protected with a SharkEye case!

Matt M.

5 Star Rating: Recommended

I was standing in a parking lot the other day and dropped my iPhone 4. The screen hit the corner of the concrete curbing and bounced off. All this happened just as I finished showing my new Sharkeye case to a few coworkers. They jumped and said there goes your phone. When I picked it up and opened the "garage door" there was no damage. Thanks Sharkeye!

Joseph S.

5 Star Rating: Recommended

After replacing 3 screens on my 3G, I came across the SharkEye. It kept an already broken screen from shattering for almost three months. I finally replaced my screen and THE VERY NEXT DAY, my exuberant dog jumped up to greet me and knocked my phone out of my pocket and off my SECOND FLOOR balcony. After I trudged downstairs to retrieve my surely broken phone, I am happy to report, it wasn't broken at ALL! Thank you SharkEYE! (My dog thanks you for saving his life too!) Everyone should get this case!

Caroline C.

4 Star Rating: Recommended

Had a water bottle crack open in my gym bag last night and saturated my bag. Wallet, clothes and phone all wet. My iPhone 4 with the SharkEye case survived and my apple earbuds are fried. Could have been a lot worse, but glad I had my case on!

Greg B.

5 Star Rating: Recommended

I work in a very heavy industry setting and when working at a 15 foot elevation, the sharkey belt clip broke and my phone dropped 15 to the ground on a very rocky bed. The phone was protected and unhurt even though the case took a beating. I have found that sharkeye stands by their product and replaced the case and belt clip, with a newly engineer belt clip that won't break. With this experience and sharkeye's commitment to their product, I rate it as the best of phone case protection and service with total customer satisfaction as their priority.

Jeff C.

5 Star Rating: Recommended

I love my new sharkeye case - first, I appreciated the phone call from Sam S to answer my questions; next, the quick delivery; it slides into my skirt pocket without "grabbing"; and last but surely not least - the way my phone is protected. I tend to drop things, and I am very impressed with how my phone is protected from its owner ;-) I see people with a flimsy lightweight case, and I think they are crazy! This thing is worth every penny!!

Ruth U.

5 Star Rating: Recommended

I just received my case on Saturday and accidentally dropped it twice, once on pavement and again on rocks and sand out at the farm, no problems. Before the SharkEye, I had to replace a screen after dropping on the sand at beach. I think the sliding screen protector is the best!

Kaye L.

5 Star Rating: Recommended

I just switched from the otter box to the shark eye, with some doubts. I've only had the case 2 days, so I can't comment on it's durability yet, but I am really excited about being able to see my screen! I bought an Iphone 4 because of the great screen. Otter box covered up my great new visual wonderland and made my pictures look gritty. With shark eye, I feel like my phone is safe and I get to actually apprecaite my screen as it was made to be. Best of both worlds. I'm sold.

Katie J.
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